Many of you have written to express how you miss our newsletters. We heard you loud and clear, and this issue is dedicated to you. As you may have noticed with many of our other mailings--albeit not newsletters--we are still working and going strong due to your commitment and your support and for that we are eternally grateful. With this issue, we will keep you abreast of some of the things we have been working on and enlighten you on some great projects ahead.

This is a very pictorial issue. We review some of the most recent events we have catered and participated in. Our April 2009 showcase was a hit. Food, food, and more food was the theme of the night. Thank you to schoolmates, past clients and social networks that attended. And I am glad for the new relationships that were formed. Fleurimond Catering also had the pleasure of bringing together some of NYC’s finest, chefs that is, for a fundraising event to assist Haiti Lumiere de Demain, a non-profit organization doing literacy work in Haiti. Aside from events and pictures, this issue highlights some of our latest initiatives. So sit back, eat, and try not to get too hungry.

Look out for our August issue to help you better plan your 2010 wedding. Learn on ways to save on Flowers, Cake and even ways to reduce your catering costs! .

A pleasure writing for you always and an even greater pleasure to cook for you and getting the opportunity to write about it.

Nadege Fleurimond, Business Manager
Fleurimond Catering

April 2009 Showcase Review
On Sunday, April 19th 2009 over 150 individuals and industry professionals gathered for Fleurimond Caterings Spring Showcase, coordinated by the Avid Group, at Taj Lounge in NYC. The evening was full of great flavor, style and of course food. The people were beautiful, the food delicious and the décor absolutely beautiful. For many who had been inside Taj for other occasions,, the flow of praise was consistent, "I never knew Taj was so pretty" oohed one guest. Taj does not need much in terms of extra décor, but with the beautiful flowers vases filled with abundant lilies and roses provided by Marcia Melendez of Flowerworks, its no wonder that the beauty of the place was intensified.

For those who were wondering what a catering showcase was, the answer came hitting us head on. The night commenced with past and stationary appetizers consisting of Gourmet Macaroni cups with Smoked Gouda, Griot Kabobs, savory Mini Crab Cakes. Butternut Squash soup Shots were passed around elegantly in a mini Martini glasses, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail were stationed in a giant oversized martini Floor Glass, gorgeous fruit bouquets in baskets and a spread of gourmet cheeses elegantly were layed out. Guest chatted, mingled and danced to the groove of DJ Maestro of Total Ambiance Productions. It is not easy mixing music for such a mixed crowd(mix in terms of nationality and age). But DJ Maestro pulled it off- very very well.

As guests ate and mingled and chatted between the two floors of Taj Lounge, Ms. Melanie Charles, a superb jazz vocalist graced the evening with her tunes and her soft yet strong vocals. During this music interlude, guests were treated to even more treats as the buffet was opened. Guest feasted black rice seafood Paella, Lamb Chops in a Mint/Raspberry Sauce, Stuffed Whole Chickens in a bourbon Citrus sauce, Wild Rice with Cranberries and Sauteed Green Beans and Radish. If this was not enough, for dessert, a chocolate fountain along with a table spread of treats was offered. The guests were in Heaven.

Chef Stephan Durand and Veronique Dolce both could not have done a better job in terms of food, and if the guests empty plates are indicators, I would say they would agree with us.

Upon the evening's closure, guests were treated to gift bags which consisted of a beautifully wrapped gift box of treats from Fleurimond Catering, along with treats from others such as Sweet Memories Desserts, Coralin Cakes, Royalix Invitations, Flowerworks Florists and Gym passes to Equinox. 3 Olives Vodka also sponsored the evening and offered early birds free martinis. A wonderful original painting by artist Gracie Xavier was raffled also. Very lucky winner.

Fleurimond Catering who has been in existence for about 7 years has a wide array of clients including, Vivica A. Fox, Ann-Hauser Busch, Dr. Mehmet Oz of the Oprah Show, Columbia University, Hunter College, Fonkoze, The Haitian American Business Network, City Hall, and various other individuals and institutions. They have catered events for up to a 1000+ people and are considered one of the premier caterers in the industry having catered at such venues such as Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, The Manhattan Center, Studio 450, Loft 11, and JFK Airport to name a few. Nadege Fleurimond's mantra is simple, "Listen to what your clients ask for, and then do more". This work ethic is illustrated also in her work within the music industry with artist Emeline Michel and recently as one of the planners for 2 of Tabou Combo's 40th anniversary events (SOBs kick-off party and a high end Gala at the Hilton in Long Island)

Here are some pictures from this event:


FC Cooks Up Support for Haiti - Review By: Marylin Laurent

The high ceiling lobby of BLVD quickly filled up with patrons signing the guest list of Haiti Lumiere de Demain(HLD). Despite de rain and the fact that it was a working day, a number of people from all backgrounds was present for Dine for a Cause, an evening conceptualized by Nadege Fleurimond of Fleurimond Catering to assist HLD to raise funds for the literacy of children in haiti, in particular on the island of La Gonave. Nadege Stated, "We thank the New York community for coming out to help us bring awareness to the many needs of Haiti," said Nadège Fleurimond, Owner of Fleurimond Catering, Inc. "As neighbors, we have an obligation to help those less fortunate. As guests entered, It was great to see a number of familiar faces unite to show support for Haiti in a very positive atmosphere. Attendees included a powerful group of individuals making a difference including: The Manhattan Deputy Borough President, Rosemonde Pierre-Louis, Publicist Rita Joseph, CBS producer, Patricia Beauvais, President of the Merrill Lynch Foundation, Dr. Eddy Bayardelle, and Vice President at HSBC Bank, Reginald Canal, Owner of Krik Krak Restaurant Leslie Thomas, and Attorney Yves-Merry Telemaque to name a few.

At the entrance of the main chamber where the dinner would take place, I was breathtaken by the exquisite artwork of the talented Jerry Georges. He had on display a variety of colorful paintings rising on tripods, and a large number of prints depicting just like the paintings around them, images of children, market scenes, tap-taps, and other Haitian cultural mementos. Behind Georges' powerful paintings, DJ Maestro of Total Ambiance Productions coddled our ears with a mix of popular songs of a variety of genres.

And there I was, in the center of a gourmet haven. Five stations catered to the taste buds of all the generous souls present. Fleurimond Catering offered the Haitian famous black rice a.k.a. "diri djondjon", herring chiktay with cassava bread and guacamole with crackers, The best Haitian patties I have ever tasted and fruits. The station perpendicular to the left, which featured from from Butterfield 8 & Silver Dreams Entertainment, presented an assortment of delicacies of which, spring rolls, pasta with mushroom sauce and many other little epicurean munchies. The adjacent table was hosted by the Bubble Lounge. A chef was cooking burger sliders on an electric hot plate and boy were those a treat!

Right across, a group of young ladies stood around a cascade of mini cupcakes, which could have been part of the decor, as pretty as they were displayed, the Bites of Paradise. The small desserts were in unusual but exciting flavors such as tiramisu, Belgian chocolate, key lime, red velvet and many more. They are a brand new pastry company owned by young Haitian-Americans fresh out of high school, who create those delights themselves. At the bar, there were platters of cheesecake and other assorted cakes by Sweet Memories Desserts.

When all the guests were served by the kind volunteers, settled and eating, Ms. Marjory Sheba, the hostess of the event introduced the Chairman of the Board of Haiti Lumiere de Demain, HLD, Mr. Paul D'Agostino who welcomed and thanked the guests and all those who participated in making this event a success. He, in turn, introduced on stage Mr. Louisner Elneus, the founder of HLD, who made a presentation on the works of HLD, highlighted by a very descriptive video. I don't think that I or anyone who viewed the projection will ever forget the smiles on those children's faces as they go to school and use their solar flashlights, sporting backpacks full of books donated by HLD.

The rest of the evening continued in a very casual and warm atmosphere as we bobbed our heads to the rhythm of the live and very entertaining band Alec Bas and the Samba Guinen. It was a wonderful soiree of delightful gastronomy and art, networking and by the same token making a difference in the life of a child and even an entire family. The food was donated by the generous caterers who participated. Dine for a cause was made possible thanks to the benefaction of the Bubble Lounge, Butterfield 8, Silver Dreams Entertainment, Bites of Paradise Desserts, Sweet Memories Desserts, Fleurimond Catering, Prestige Beer & CMSC Spirits Group, The Avid Group, Mr. Jerry Georges and DJ Maestro.

Haiti Lumiere de Demain Inc. (HLD), founded in 1998, is a 501(c) 3, non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan educational organization operating to promote literacy and educational opportunities among children of Haiti. The organization focuses its effort on the public primary and secondary school system in rural and impoverished areas of Haiti. You can donate and contribute to their work by visiting, www.firstgiving.com/hldchallenge

Check out some of the pictures from this incredible event:

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